About Coin
Valinor is part of the Cryptipia universe. This is a game with a strategic user-friendly interface, with 100% confirmation in its own blockchaine Valinor via POS and Masternode mining.



ValinorCoin Specification
Coin name ValinorCoin
Ticker VPC
Algorithm (POW/POS) Quark
Block reward 60-30-15 VPC
Masternode Collateral 50000 VPC
Masternode reward 50-90%
Staking (POS) reward 50-10%
Block Time 60 seconds
Total supply 650 000 000 VPC
Profit diagram
Phase Blocks from-to Reward for(1 block) Masternode reward % Staking reward % MN reward coin(1 block)
1 1-100 000 60 50 50 30
2 100 001-200 000 60 60 40 36
3 200 001-300 000 60 70 30 42
4 300 001-400 000 60 80 20 48
5 400 001-500 000 60 90 10 54
6 500 001-1000 000 30 90 10 27
7 1000 001-> 15 90 10 13,5
–°ryptopia - what is it?

–°ryptopia a real strategy game currently in development for mobile device. Set in the fictional Utopia Universe, players compete for real cryptocurrency rewards by building a mining colony and growing it into the envy of their planet.

What is Valinor?

Valinor has own blockchain. It’s not token. It is the primary in-game currency, and will also be tradeable on cryptocurrency exchanges. Byt you can also trade in own market place.

How much should you have ValinorCoin to start playing?

You can start playing by having 1000 ValinorCoin.

How can I get ValinorCoin to start the game?

To begin with, you do not need to register somewhere and buy ValinorCoin. You can buy and sell ValinorCoin directly inside the application, both for $ and for other cryptocurrency. We strive to make the process of mining as easy as possible to help beginners navigate the crypto-space, and therefore we are developing ValinorCoin. To be accessible and pleasant, regardless of his acquaintances with the block chain.

For which devices will the game be launched?

Our team is completely focused on the mobile version for iOS and Android. Next begins the development of a desktop version of the game to run ValinorCoin on a PC (Windows & Mac OS). Then the console version (Xbox & SonyPlaystaton). And in the long term release for the gaining popularity of VR glasses.

Where can I store the coin?

We recommend you use our own Official Wallet to store coins.

What actions will be taken by the team to anti dump the value of the coin?

We will use market mechanisms to ensure a balanced economy (both in-game and pertaining to the Coin coins in the real world). Therefore, we will use both inflationary and deflationary techniques to ensure an adequate and fair value is maintained. There will likely be a slight, healthy inflationary effect but this will be managed to ensure a fair and appropriate gradual increase in prices.

When will the Alfa version be launched?

ValinorCoin alpha will begin in the first quarter of 2019. We can extend or shorten the end date as the prealpha progresses.

How Get Capital?

All you need to create your starter cryptocurrency capital are in game items.

Our Team

We are Valinor team, an organization focused on bringing advanced technologies into the hands of everyone, by building easy to use systems to speed development, integration, and acceptance of advanced technologies.